Tetsuo Iida – Solo Exhibition in Sydney!

今年開催した”Color Code”をオーストラリアのシドニーで開催します。動物シリーズを含め、新作15作品を含む、全30作品で構成します。自然の豊かなオーストラリアは動物シリーズが良く似合うかもしれません。もし、たまたまシドニー滞在中であったなら是非お越しください。あるいはシドニーにお知り合いの方がおられたら是非ご紹介頂けたらと思います。

日時  11/27(Tue) – 12/2(Sun)
場所 Me & Art
62 Mary Street, Surry Hills
Sydney NSW 2010
オープニングパーティー  11/27(Tue)  6:00pm – 8:00pm

—————————————————————————————-   The exhibition is titled “Color Code”. It normally means a system with which varied colors communicate information attached to them. Through multiple color expressions, I try to think about what each color communicates and how thy complement each other.
I create artworks that have similar patterns on them but are painted with different “color codes”. Each work has a code that like DNA defines the organism that is the artwork. Even though the patterns are similar, they convey completely different color codes and express very different thing. They have a life of their own.

In our life, we sometimes find that first impressions can sometimes be fleeting and we soon see something very different, but on reflection the different views are virtually the same, it’s just how we react that make them seem different. In this sometimes apathetic world, I think it is important to reach above the passive dogma and recognize both commonality and diversity. You might find variations in the same patterns used in my works. Or, you might find commonality among the works with different colors. These diametrically opposite aspects help us stimulate and understand our own thoughts and feelings.

I am very pleased if I can share some of my thoughts with you when I create my art works. I do not always know how each work will end up, the easel and myself go on a journey, an adventure together. What I do control (I think) and focus on is a concept of commonality that explores the environment we live in and the wonderful similarities and contradictions of the world we all share.

There is no wrong or right in the interpretation of my art. They mean something different to each person, just the same as they mean something different to me. Sometimes it is one thing and sometimes it is another. So, please enjoy them in your own way.

27th November to 2nd December
Open Tuesday to Sunday 12pm to 6pm

Opening party – 27th Nov 6pm to 8pm

Me & Art
62 Mary Street
Surry Hills
NSW 2010